Welcome to the Digitalized Working Environment course. Please, bookmark this page – on this page you will find all the necessary information of the course.


This course has four different sections: Build a blogDigi Society, Digi Citizen and ePlatforms. It’s easiest to do assignments in that order. In first section (Build a blog), you will build your own blog/web site by using the WordPress service. You can find instructions for that from Build a blog tab above. That blog/site will be your personal learning environment, where you share all of the assignments with teachers, students and the whole world. After you have created your blog, you can do the other assignments. – But before you go ahead, please read this page carefully.

You can start the course whenever you want. When you’re done everything, please send email to timo.sirvio@savonia.fi that your tasks on your blog are ready to be evaluated. You can leave your assignments before 24.10., 17.12., 13.3., 31.5. 31.8. Then you will get grades (pass/fail) within three weeks. For example, if you leave all of your assignments in the 13th of March, you will get grades in the 6th of April.

Objectives of the course

  • Student is able to describe how digital working environment has developed (local to global), what is the meaning of digitalisation in a her/his working area/field and what are the future trends.
  • Student recognises the benefits and obstacles of digital change.
  • Student is able to choose digital tools which support her/his own working field.
  • Student is able to recognize changes and describe internet accessible working environment, which facilitates collective action, communication and networking
  • Student knows principles of safe information sharing and has adequate information management skills
  • Student can coordinate distant work, group working and can participate in discussion forums

Contents of the course

  • basis of international and national information society policies
  • digitalised working environment permitting the completion of virtual participatory processes
  • key factors related to the success of digitalised working processes
  • main deficiencies of digitalised working environment
  • future trends in digitalised working life in student’s own professional field

Evaluation of the course

  • all the assignments must be passed to get the grade
  • Student shows via her/his reports that she/he
    • understands elements of digitalized working life,
    • recognizes and evaluates the benefits and obstacles of digital change,
    • knows and utilizes current social media.
  • Student shares her/his experiences within group.
  • All three reported assignments should have a short self evaluation part – what you have learned.

The curriculum for Savonia’s interdisciplinary studies will be renewed as of August 1, 2022. The course started during the academic year 2022/2023 must be completed by the last return date of the course August 31th, 2022. The course and requirements for completing the course may change in the autumn of 2022.