Checking list for eRDI coordinator

Coordinator’s e-Learning To-Do list

  1. Prepare the learning platform
    • e.g. Moodle to be used in advance
  2. Create login accounts
  3. Add students’ and teachers’ logins to the platform
    • editing rights to the teacher
  4. Build the learning platform (frame)
    • or copy the previous implementation (Import in Moodle)
  5. List tools for the learning platform
    • task return
    • discussion forum
    • study material, videos etc.
  6. Summary of the course assignments shown on the top!
    • Task schedules, deadlines, evaluation.
  7. Guidance for teachers to link the video tutorials to the learning platform
    • Where the videos are stored and
    • how to link them to the learning environment: YouTube
  8. Does the course provide online lectures?
    • If yes, which tool is used? Is login needed?
  9. Implementation plan for the eLearning part (the coordinator requests also from guest lecturers)
    • how the course progresses,
    • which tools are used,
    • share of eLearning and contact lessons,
    • what kind of pre-material the teacher downloads on Moodle
  10. Coordinating institution support services for users
    • Identify a person, who can help in educational technology issues
  11. Copyright
    • copyright site link
    • cc -rights (the author can specify permissions)
  12. Lead the teacher co-operation
    • e.g. in Moodle all teachers can see how the course progresses and how different parts are integrated to the whole
  13. The coordinator collects feedback
    • enables developing the courses in future