Kuopio Living Lab is a concept, which is coordinated by the Kuopio University Hospital, the City of Kuopio, and the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. In Kuopio Living Lab, companies from the field of well-being and health technology can test their services and products in an authentic patient, customer, and expert environments such as hospitals and health centres.

Kuopio Living Lab serves companies at different stages of product development, from idea to market. In addition, Kuopio Living Lab serves the development needs of Kuopio University Hospital, the City of Kuopio and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Kuopio Living Lab offers several services for its customers:
• Expert reviews
• Development workshops
• Usability testing
• Research and development cooperation
• Events: Grindery, Findery and Hackathon

Co-creation with stakeholders

Kuopio Living Lab is active member of the open innovation ecosystem that promotes co-creation between the companies, individual users, citizens, communities, and other stakeholders. Kuopio Living Lab plays a vital role in engaging users and empowering citizens in the RDI-process. Generally, the citizens play an important role in Living Labs. Nambisan and Nambisan (2017) have identified four roles for citizens in co-creation process (see Table 1.)

Table 1. Four Roles in Citizen Co-creation.

When a company pursues an RDI-process, it is essential to gain more customer understanding. In practise, this means that the company wants to know how their product or service fits to current markets. Kuopio Living Lab can arrange, for example, an expert review or development workshop. In expert review, healthcare professionals are invited to give their opinion about the product or service.

When arranging a workshop, it is essential to invite participants such as professionals from different fields and citizens. Especially, when operating in highly regulated healthcare settings, it is vital to identify the needs of healthcare professionals as well as the patients.
This blog has been conducted with the support of the European Regional Development Fund and Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo (Terveysteknologian tuotekehitys- ja testausympäristö, kehitystyö (Kuopio Health Lab) -hanke, A73751 and Kuopio Living Lab -hanke, A74469).

Juhamatti Huusko
Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Nambisan & Nambisan 2017. Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation in Public Services: Lessons Learned and Best Practices. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/278391463_Engaging_Citizens_in_Co-Creation_in_Public_Services_Lessons_Learned_and_Best_Practices

What is Kuopio Living Lab?

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