Climate change is a global problem that affects millions of people everywhere. As a result of climate change, temperatures will rise and is expected to rain and snow more. On the other hand, the climate change leads to decreased snow and ice cover.

In Finland, climate change is seen in rising winter temperatures, and according to the forecast, Finland’s temperature will rise faster than the rest of the world on average in the future (Climate Human activity is raising the risk of these extreme weather and climate events.

Kuvituskuva. Talvinen metsämaisema, jossa lumisena kumpuileva maa ja horisontissa havupuita.

Changes in the natural climate are also associated with the changes in security. Climate security is referring to the security risks that may cause directly or indirectly from the climate change. Climate security is a quite new perspective to work on climate change.

Climate security consists of mitigating and adapting to climate change. Extreme weather events resulting from climate change are increasing at an accelerating rate and have a direct impact on a regional level. In addition, climate change and extreme weather events are having an unprecedented impact on the business environment.

Climate security in practice

Savonia University of Applied Sciences have launched a project called Climate Security Business Network (Ilmastoturvallisuuden liiketoimintaverkosto), which aims to increase preparedness and resilience concerning extreme weather and climate events especially in the agriculture and forestry industries in Pohjois-Savo region. Another aim of project is to increase water, food, and health security.

The project will create a climate security business network and climate security learning environment that supports Pohjois-Savo’s agriculture and forestry industries and increases the competitiveness and vitality of these industries. In addition, the project promotes the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.

Kuvituskuva. Henkilö istuu viltin päällä nurmikolla. Henkilön kasvoja ei näe, vaan kuva keksittyy henkilön sylissä olevaan kirjaan, viltillä olevaan matkapuhelimeen ja kannettavaan tietokoneeseen.

The project works closely together with key players in the field of climate change such as Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and Finnish Meteorological Institute. Currently the project is planning an in-service training concerning health security in addition to other activities. The in-service training aims to raise the awareness of climate change among the health care professionals.

To our understanding, the effects of climate change to human health is somewhat poorly understood among the health care professionals and for example nurse’s education does not necessarily bring up these effects during the studies. We feel important to raise the awareness the climate change has for human health.

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Juhamatti Huusko
Savonia University of Applied Sciences

This blog has been conducted with the support of the European Social Fund and The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Climate Security Business Network, S22173).

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