About us

At fall 2018 six motivated wellness-business economics students were a bit stressed about the ongoing studies and needed a change. They didn`t find an already made-up solution so they decided to take matters to their own hands. That`s when they got an idea of Mindset-glasses which are new innovative way to execute mindfulness exercises. In addition, at that point they founded their first own student corporation called Mindation. Interest in developing the mental health unites the every member of the group. The company are eager to give every person an opportunity to relieve their stress and improve well-being.

Baseline for the company is to relieve stress and the direct effect from that is to have better work well-being. The amount of stress is constantly growing in modern workspace and it is creating more and more absences and expenses towards employer. Usually companies offer solutions only for physical health so we are answering for the demand and offering keys to mental health.

Despite the lack of former entrepreneurship experience the business have shown steady growth and things are looking fine. In the future our goal is to be the leading supplier of products that are focusing on mental health.

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