When we talk about russian stereotypes, often is: Winter, Vodka and Bears.

Here is a video jokes from American TV cartoon-show about Russia.



  • All the Russians are Soviets (that is probably by far the largest stereotype).
  • All the Russian hate Americans.
  • All the Russians are spies.
  • There are only 2 seasons in Russia: winter, and nuclear winter
  • Russia is the world’s largest vodka republic
  • Most of Russians do not drink water, only vodka.
  • In Russia there are not ugly girls, it just depends on how much vodka you drunk.
  • There are no Russian women, only Russian men without penises.
  • Russian women are gorgeous and they are available for sale throughout the internet and you can buy your own one as a souvenir (even if you haven’t been to the country!) by typing “free screensavers” into Google!
  • Russian food is bad even for British standards.
  • Everyone know and sing the very popular song Katyusha.
  • All the Russians play gymnastics, wrestling, boxe and have very large bodies.
  • In Russia there is an organized crime (the rise of Russian and former Soviet mobsters with the collapse of the Soviet Union).
  • In Russia everyone is atheist.

Source: http://www.nationalstereotype.com/the-most-common-russian-stereotypes/

From this list of stereotypes about Russia, and not only from it, there are some that I can find amusing. For example, I found jokes about Russian vodka hilarious because everybody knows that no one can drink only vodka every day and be safe and sound. The same situation is with jokes about Russian roads, level of customer services and way of life. It can be embarrassing photos from Russia with some comments. Since this is real photos there is some truth in it. That is why last thing Russians can do about it is only to laugh and skip because it could be normal for many people.
But of course there is a line between amusement and rudeness. Some jokes seems very silly and annoying. That happens because jokes can be related to vulnerable things like a religion, president, family etc.

However, people have different opinions about stereotype jokes. For example, I find jokes about Russian winter very annoying and unclever because it is a huge country where all types of weather are presented and the coldest part of it, Siberia, is not so big. On the other hand, people from that part could laugh and take it easy because it is truth and everyday life.