Human psychology is deeply connected to nature — when we look at green-spectrum colours, we can feel its calming effect, bird and sea sounds are often used during meditation sessions, and so on.

Forests are an enormous part of the scenery of Finland. Here we should note the very physical effect of forests on our wellbeing – like our immune system. To be in nature is not just about observing the nature, but participating in nature-related activities, such as outdoor photography, forest bathing and hiking or adventure therapy.

Where would you go to care about yourself?

It is hard to describe, what your favorite place in nature is. It depends on you, what you are searching for. Every landscape has its own beauty. Finland shows his beauty in the silence of the old pine trees. When you walk in the white winter wonderland you will calm down and enjoy the present.

In the nature you can learn a lot of soft skills. Like listening to your inside. Just feel your needs, your emotions and accept your being. It is all about acceptance yourself. Only if you accept yourself you can really enjoy the life and share your joy with other people.

Rovaniemi (by Julia Ritter and Miriam Braunschmid)

To really enjoy your favorite place it sometimes helps to stay away from technical devices. But it is a great experience to look through the photos and remember the moment. Consider that it is all about the confidence. You can just enjoy the nature if you feel good, so don’t do anything you would regret.

Experiences in Finland

Visiting Rovaniemi it was one of the great possibility to explore the nature in Finland. I enjoyed the ride to Rovaniemi and the way back by looking out the window and seeing a lot of trees and a lot of snow.
Students in the snow.
Rovaniemi (by Edonisa and Rina)

Like for everybody else for me also is difficult to discribe my favorite place in nature instead of that I would like to say that my favorite place it’s NATURE itself , everywhere and everytime.

For me nature has power to give us calm and through that gives us joy and at the same time it helps us to feel the present time while we are in nature. Based on that I can say that I and my friend Rina really enjoyed the nature in Finland during our trip .We had a really good time there with a lot of fun and happiness and as for every young person that is interested to take pictures while having a good time , I and Rina did that too.

While we were taking pictures a lot of contact were born in that situation like a lot of laughing moments and a lot of care about each -other and at this point I  would like to commend my friend as a very creative person ,very tolerant and intrested to take as good pictures as possible. So for me being in nature and having a good company it’s the best therapy of the day.

How to treasure your experiences?

Photography conveys the truth of the moment. Photography conveys what words cannot express. Something that’s hard to keep quiet about. Through photography, the author can express the entire palette of human feelings. Surprise, empathy, joy, sadness, tenderness.

A single frame can reflect a lot of human emotions. For example, not everyone will appreciate a landscape that was photographed on a cloudy day. They want to see the surrounding nature happy, bright, and not gray and sad. But if there are no bright and rich colors in the landscape – it does not mean that life has left it! Just in this landscape, life is different: quiet and calm, slowly flowing. And if you photograph a storm, a thunderstorm… That’s where you can see the power of nature.

If someone from your family suddenly has a sad mood-show them bright and sunny photos! And the person’s mood will immediately improve!

Photography allows us to express things that sometimes can’t be expressed simply in words when our vocabulary runs out. Photography speaks to us in its own visual language.

A family photo album is a home heirloom that preserves the memory of signifi

A girl with a horse in a snowy place.
Trip to a horse farm (by Tatiana Grigoreva)

cant events and everyday life of the family: relatives and friends. It is passed down from generation to generation. Family photos are an integral part of every family’s life. In the modern world, no holiday is left without photos.

Photos recreate the full picture of the fun that has already passed. Photography is a history, memories, bright moments of life, significant events and family celebrations. We all do this sometimes – when something beautiful or significant happens, the hand reaches for the smartphone. We record different moments of life in order to keep them in our memory. That why it is important to take pictures of yourself in different places.


Photographing experiences

When I was photographed I had that feelings like calmness, relaxation and happy thoughts in mind. Because you do it for the memories, that you want to keep not only in brain but and on the photo too. You feel all the positive emotions and you want to share it with people.

The main thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not be afraid of camera or be a camera shy person.

Just relax and smile. If you will follow all this things then the photo will be amazing.

Women in a snowy picture.
The Arctic Circle (by Valentina Grigoreva)

When I was as a photographer I knew that I should do all my best to take the best picture. It’s easy to take a photo of your friend, cause you have a close relationship with each other. You trust each other. When you’re getting ready to take the best picture, you’re concentrating and the only thing that you’re thinking about is your friend.


Finally Finnish experiences from a Finnish lady

I find it hard to describe what is my favorite place in nature. I think nature that is in its natural state and hasn’t been touched by human hands is the most beautiful. Where everything has the chance to grow naturally and in harmony. The forests, lakes and sea have all something in common to offer us.

Just watch Mother Nature and you can learn great lessons.

Nature gives without expectation in receiving anything in return.

A woman near a tree.
Photo from a trip in India February 2020 (by Hannah Weisenberg)

People generally have the need to build and exploit nature. When people are not loving towards nature then they probably have issues with themselves and are imbalance. When we are in a natural environment the harmony and calmness transforms us to be more connecting with our own natural self, that is was the most empowering about it.


Thank you Finland for this amazing experiences!

Valentina Grigoreva,
(Petrozavodsk State University, Zootechny) Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Tatiana  Grigoreva,
(Petrozavodsk State University, Zootechny) Petrozavodsk, Republica of Karelia, Russia

Uliana Pavlova
(Petrozavodsk State University, Agronomy) Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Miriam Braunschmid,
University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Austria

Julia Ritter,
University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Austria

Hannah Weisenberg,
Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Social Services, Finland

Edonisa Krasniqi,
Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine -Prishtine, Kosovo

A Senior Lecturer Anne-Leena Juntunen, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Social Services, Finland

Care about YOUR nature


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