Anyone using the blog environment of Savonia University of Applied Sciences shall comply with the terms and conditions of use laid down for this service. If contents or activities infringing the terms and conditions are observed on a blog, they or the entire blog will be deleted or the user’s right of use will be dismissed. Furthermore, each user is in charge of his or her blog, as obliged by his or her campus user ID.

The terms and conditions of blog use are not intended to restrict the users’ activities; they follow general rules related to blogs or online publications. These terms and conditions bind anyone who creates or uses a blog. The terms and conditions of blog use below correspond to the terms and conditions typically applicable to Finnish blogs (Vuodatus, Blogger).

  1. The user is committed to comply with the terms and conditions of use mentioned herein. The use of the blog service is permitted only if the user is committed to comply with the terms and conditions of use.
  2. The use of the blog service is free of charge as far as Savonia’s blog environment is concerned.
  3. It is prohibited to import and use external add-ons. If you need to use an add-on in your blog, please contact the main user ( If this add-on can be safely used, functions reliably in the relevant server version and has a necessary content, the main user shall install the add-on in question to be used.
  4. We reserve the right to abolish a user ID, to prevent or restrict the use of the blog service by anyone, for any reason, at any time without advance warning. Moreover, we reserve the right to delete or edit any content contained in the blogs for any reason, at any time without advance warning. These measures shall be taken if the use of the blog service does not comply with the terms and conditions.
  5. The user shall ensure that all the information he or she has submitted to the blog are up to date and correct.
  6. The blog service shall be provided as it is, without guarantee as to the functionality or continuity of any of its parts. The use of the blog service shall be kept as smooth as possible.
  7. The blog service shall be continuously developed; hence, any of its functionalities or form of functionality may change, be deleted or be published without advance warning. The aim is to announce major changes within a reasonable time.
  8. The user is committed not to use the service for malicious, mean, illegal or any other activities that are aimed to damage, insult or harm a third party, a friend, an acquaintance, the blog service or any other entity or person. The user is committed to comply with good manners and not to bother or disturb other users of the service.
  9. Spamming is not permitted. Spamming means the generation of repetitive and aggressive content of a commercial nature into the service, without beneficial content and real interaction with the community. The blog service is intended as a tool for learning and teaching.
  10. The user is responsible for all activities and contents related to his or her user ID. The user shall not disclose his or her user ID and password to anyone. The user ID is also the user’s personal ID for other systems; therefore, special attention is needed when using the user ID.
  11. The user must understand that responsibility for all the content contained in the blog shall be borne by the person/company/corporation from which the content originates.
  12. The user has copyright over material he or she has created or added to his or her blog.
  13. The user is responsible for the content he or she has added and understands that the addition of content protected by copyright or immaterial rights to the blog is not permitted. The user understands that all the content contained in a blog may be protected by copyright law or equivalent legislation, and shall not copy any content for his or her own use without permission. When appropriate, the maintenance reserves the right to seize user IDs that constitute corporate or personal trademarks or corresponding marks. Further information on issues related to copyright is available at
  14. The user is committed not to incorporate any inappropriate material – e.g. pornographic, racist or abusive – into his or her writings. As a last resort, the maintenance shall decide what is inappropriate for the service and, as laid down in point 4, reserves the right to delete any material without advance warning.
  15. It is not permissible to publish other people’s personal and confidential information in the service. For example, do not publish other people’s credit card numbers, identity numbers, ex-directory phone numbers, driving licence numbers, patient data or medical information. Remember also that, in most cases, information already available elsewhere on the internet is not regarded as private or confidential for the purpose of our practices.
  16. It is absolutely prohibited to act as another person. Readers shall not be misled or confused by acting as another person or as a representative of a company, if this is not the case.
  17. Blogs which spread viruses, create pop-up windows, try to install software without a reader’s consent, or otherwise influence readers with a harmful code shall not be created in this service.
  18. The blog service may contain files shared by users or links leading to other websites whose content is beyond the control of the service provider. When following such links or using such content, the user accepts that the service provider is not responsible for the functioning or accessibility of these contents.
  19. The user understands and accepts that if something harmful happens due to the service, its use or its failure, Savonia is not responsible for any direct, indirect or other damage or loss. The user accepts that he or she uses the service at his or her own risk.
  20. Gross or continuous violation of terms and conditions of use may lead to the permanent abolition of the user ID without advance warning. If an abolished user ID is re-created and the activities continue, the maintenance may deny the user’s access to the website.
  21. It is prohibited to maintain commercial blogs. The sole purpose of your blog shall neither be an attempt to make another website better found by search engines nor to create links to another website or other websites. If you are not sure if your blog is suitable for the website, please contact the main user (
  22. The terms and conditions of use, as well as disputes, are subject to Finnish law, and disputes shall be dealt with in Finland. If any point in the terms and conditions of use is found to be incorrect or illegal, judging by Finnish law, this point shall be deleted from the terms and conditions without impact on other terms and conditions, which shall remain valid.
  23. The user is aware of the fact that the terms and conditions of use may be changed without advance warning. Upon making changes, the new dated version of the terms and conditions of use shall be available on this website. The amended terms and conditions shall bind users who continue to use the service after the changes have been made in the terms and conditions.
  24. The user may disclaim these terms and conditions of use at any time and close his or her user account by notifying this to the service provider. Please send your notification concerning the end of the blog service use to the Service Desk (
  25. As a user of the service, you can always send questions on the terms and conditions and on the use to