Monday 26.8.2019: Six welfare coordinators landed to Denmark, Copenhagen for Short Study visit. In 3 days, we would see different sectors of welfare state Denmark and get an image why Denmark success and is always on top 10 country in many rates. This is the first blog release from the first day by Miia J. and Karoliina O.


On Monday morning we took a train from Copenhagen to Farum, and meet Nathalia Vernal, project coordinator from private labor market company JobinPlace. We face small difficulties on our journey. Our train stop in the middle of way because of human injury. We had time to discuss while waiting another transportation organized by Nathalia; what is generally welfare in Scandinavia nowadays.

Nathalia was telling us about them work and the system of labor market in Denmark. Denmark has launched a municipality renewing process last time in year 2010. By that time the number of municipalities increase from 270 to 94, every municipality has a job centers, whose responsibility is to provide labor market services on areas. JobinPlace is a nationwide consulting firm that specializes in providing support to people who are out of the labor market due to physical, mental and / or social challenges. Work is guided by Job centers that have chosen JobinPlace as a partner. Work is very customer-orientated and responds for jobseekers needs.

Nathalia offered us a traditional Danish lunch; Smørrebrød with herring. We could have continued the conversation for hours, but we hit our journey to Københavns Professionshøjskole.

Typical Danish lunch, Smørrebrød with herrings. Picture Miia Juntunen ja Karoliina Ohvanainen.

ART -Academy Denmark

Our second place to visit in Denmark was ART -Academy -Aggression replacement training Denmark. There we met Jens Fokdal and his colleagues who gave us brilliant fact sheet about ART in Denmark. ART is multimodal, psycho-educational intervention designed to alter the behavior or chronically aggressive youth. The method is based in on three specific components: social skill streaming, anger-control training and moral reasoning training. The Nordic Countries has modified ART to AART -adapted aggression replacement training which is more preventive method and it is recommend using social competence practicing with all youth for example in schools. The Academy has trainings for communes and institutions in ART and AART -method. Their goal is also to spread and transfer their research material of ART and AART. ART has used in primary schools in Denmark since 2010 as preventive method to prevent social problems in short-term and long-term perspective.

Københavns Professions højskole, Carlsberg. Picture: Miia Juntunen ja Karoliina Ohvanainen.

In our visit with Jens, we were also talked about how other Northern Countries use ART or AART. Apparently in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland use the ART in their primary schools actively. We are hoping that Finland is following these countries because the impacts from ART has shown that the method is efficient.


The main feelings and ideas after Monday

  • The first day we tasted not only Smørrebrød but also Danish willingness and kindness. We loved Denmark from the day one.
  • Welfare is built from million pieces; customer-centered services are maybe the key to comprehensive welfare?

Links to about labor market in Denmark:

Links to about ART in Denmark and Finland


This blogipost is part of the welfare coordinator students (Master Degree Studies) study module Working and Stydying in International Environment. The focus of this stydy module is that the students can strengthen their communicative skills and professional experience in an international learning environment and learn effectively as a team member in another cultural environment. In August of 2019 part of welfare coordinator students visit in Denmark during this study module. You can read more


Miia Juntunen ja Karoliina Ohvanainen, TYKO18SY

Riitta Turjamaa, lehtori Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu

Pirjo Turunen, lehtori, Savonia- ammattikorkeakoulu


What are the ingredients of Danish welfare?


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