Clinical supervision is a working method which promotes employees’ well-being at work and the development of organizational activities. It is a learning process where employees meet multiple times. The meetings are usually every month or a few times a month.

This is how clinical supervision works

  • Work community defines the goal which supports working.
  • There is open and trustful communication.
  • Employees talk about work and work-related issues.    
  • Experiences are structured from different perspectives with the trained instructor.
  • It seeks solutions to improve work flow and promote professional learning.
  • Effectiveness is assessed in relation to the objectives set.

Clinical supervision is a method for learning and teaching professional interaction. The method promotions well-being at work in social and health care. According to research results clinical supervision promotes and maintains nurses’ well-being. This method helps develop nurses’ professional skills, which in turn improves health care for patients.

Picture 1. The coronavirus pandemic has had a positive effect on clinical supervision oneline Bigstock.

Coronavirus pandemic forced many people to work at home in March 2020 and at the same time online clinical supervision became more common. Many employees and work supervisors had to become acquainted with online clinical supervision. That’s why clinical supervision is a very important method in social and health care sector since it promotes well-being of every hospital employees. Many hospital employees can have many difficult feelings in this time of pandemic. This time can have a many kind trace of sanctions if employees are unable to talk about and deal with their feelings.

Advantages of clinical supervision online

Working is often much more fluent if clinical supervision is in use in workplace. The goals in work become clear , co-operation and management improves, learning and diversity increases and often also productivity, quality, effectivity and competitiveness grow. Clinical supervision also gives a possibility to structures the professional roles and activity at individual, group and organization level.

Virtual clinical supervision gives the opportunity to take part even if there is, for example, difficult transport access or one is teleworking abroad. The necessity of online clinical supervision has grown because teleworking and working at home has become more common. Online clinical supervision is mostly needed for supporting coping at work, occupy and handling emotions.

Picture 2. Online clinical supervision is especially useful in case when immediate help and support is needed. Bigstock.

Challenges of clinical supervision online

Online clinical supervision is an activity that takes place over digital networks and therefore also demands managing information technology well. There may also be challenges with interaction when clinical supervision is organized online. Every participant should have an equal chance to express their thoughts. Usually communication rounds, virtual inquiries and different methods of brainstorming are used to increase participatory interaction when online clinical supervision takes place in a group.

Blog writers: Ella Parkkonen and Laura Ruti. Welfare and Health Coordinator- students from Savonia UAS.


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Advantages and challenges of clinical supervision online in social and health care


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