Diet plays a major role in well-being. You are what you eat is very true as the name of the Finnish programme suggests. I’ve been on a particular diet for a little over a month now and it’s worked well for me. My goal is to feel energetic, burn fat, sleep better and generally feel good. 

The quality, quantity and variety of the food I eat has an impact on both my general well-being and my weight. The energy nutrients in food must be sufficient for our bodies to function well. Exercise increases the body’s energy expenditure (FAQ Institute, 2022). 

I’ve always liked to exercise and it’s a habit already. I’ve also eaten a varied and healthy diet for a long time. Yet somehow after the age of 30, it’s been really hard to control my own weight. With the help of a professional I have managed on this short journey; what I have stuck to is self-discipline and guidelines. The goal is to adopt a whole new way of living and relating to food. 

Weight management starts with small choices even before the actual eating. In other words, making choices when shopping for food. Going to the shops when you’re full and planning your shopping list beforehand. Exercise supports weight management and the importance of good sleep can never be over-emphasised. ( Medical Journal Duodecim, 2022).

It’s been lovely to see how the emotional eating has stopped, as the meals have been pretty standard and the mealtimes have been pretty regular. Sometimes I’m hungry and feel like having to skip the instructions, but hey I’ve found a strong backbone to support my mental cravings. 

Eating is driven by hunger, habits and emotions.Emotional eating often starts in childhood.Emotional eating usually takes away unpleasant feelings for a while, but afterwards people often feel shame and inadequacy (Eating Disorders Association, 2020).

I feel that being honest with yourself and your own thoughts is the beginning of everything.After that, your own decisions and choices show how committed you are to taking care of yourself.Indulging now and then is okay. The main thing is what we choose to put on our plate most of the time. 

Good luck to all.Treat yourself well and with love.

Wellbeing Coordinator student Anna


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