Photos and pictures can be used in many ways. Nowadays they are important tools in different areas of working life. In Finland Miina Savolainen has development the method of ”Empowering photography”. At Savonia in the international and multidisciplinary studies MultiPro2019 students carried out the process of photographing in Green Care course. The main topic was, the favourite place in the nature.

If you are really enjoying something, you often make a picture of the moment. This enables you to remember your feelings and emotions. Also for other people who look at the pictures that can be contagious.

Mostly they are memories of unforgettable moments such as holiday memories, events, weddings, birthdays, meetings with friends, natural spectacles, animals and plant observations, childhood memories as well as visual material of the last reconstruction in the house, yard or stable.

Salla-tunturi, Alexandra Muhr enjoys the sunset (photo by Horst Reiter)

Of course, not everybody likes to be a photomodel, but also pictures of the nature can capture some good feelings, at a sunset for example.
Nature gives us a lot of strength with its variety of plants, animals, waters, landscape and not to forget its varied seasons. It gives us energy and a fantastic place of recreation for old and young for mind and body.

A photo without nature is like bread without flour (photo by Alexandra Muhr)

In general, one can say that nature makes a good picture.  A photo expresses many different feelings (contentment, happiness, fear, joy, well-being, . . .). You don’t need words to describe a picture. Therefore, for example, images are often used in marketing, because you can quickly and easily impress people with them. Images are also sometimes to be enjoyed with caution, unwanted emotions can be exchanged. Images can also highlight illusions. If you work with pictures, you should be careful and always have the goal in mind, what do you actually want to say with the picture, reveal?

How is the feeling when you will be a photographer?

When you take pictures of people, it’s often that you skip a certain charisma on them. The emotions that the model radiates are infectious. It makes people happy to be a help to others. It’s a give and take. Usually many common experiences are made together – it brings the feeling of connection! Often you have realized that the model and the photographer have a lot in common for example that both like to be in nature.

In your job you can explain things a lot better with pictures e.g. modelling the work processes or you can explore the history, feelings and situations of the clients. By photos you can get more power, self-confidence and more self-esteem about yourself and the clients. 

 Pictures say more than 1000 words, this saying says a lot about photos.


The writers

Alexandra Muhr (Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik, Austria)

Juliana Kacher (Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik, Austria)

Emmi Hämäläinen (Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Iisalmi, Finland)

Krista Korhonen (Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Iisalmi, Finland)

A Senior Lecturer Anne-Leena Juntunen (Savonia University of Applied  Sciences, Social Services, Finland)



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