Wednesday 28th of August 2019: Our last day in Denmark started again early at the central travel center. We used Rejseplanen, the Danish Journey Planner, to take us easily to the meeting that ends our rewarding study trip. We were getting into the hygge feeling early in the morning with the sun shining. We were told that our visit week was one of the warmest in Denmark this summer – and it pleased us. This last blog post is written by Miia B. and Heli H.

Visit to Memox

On the last day of our study trip we visited in Memox. Memox is a center that offers multiethnic mentoring and family therapy. Memox offers efforts and courses in the family area as well as employment and integration. Memox is a private company which sees the potential to change people´s life and it´s their big vision. They believe and had experienced that with right support everyone can change.

At first Ida, the head of department told us about the history and function of Memox. Then the social science coordinator Ahu was telling us about her work as a coordinator. It was very interesting to hear these womens experiences and extensive knowledge from mindfulnes to law. During the visit we noticed how good the working atmosphere in the Memox was.


We were welcome as students to Memox and it was nice to meet the staff. The Pictures Miia Bovellan ja Heli Holopainen.

Memox offers 24 hour on-call service provides security for clients. Employees may even stay overnight if needed. It is also especially important for families to get guidance in their own language. Sometimes cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings. There may also be ways in different cultures that are not allowed in a new country. If the client and the supervisor do not have a common language, misunderstandings can easily happen. As students, we found the visit very interesting and instructive. We believe that similar, intensive welfare work would be needed in Finland as well.

Hygge is good food!

During the whole study trip we had a thought in our minds about what hygge means to Danes. We noticed and heard a lot of examples of what is contributing to people´s well-being in Denmark. The best summary of hygge we heard from a family worker in Memox. She summed it up in two words: Good food! Food unites people and family members and creates well-being every day. We got to experience this ourselves. Danish food was awesome tasting and atmosphere at meal times was warm and leisured. We also experienced this same atmosphere when we actively move around our leisure time in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. Even though our program was intense and we didn´t experience all the famous sights and shopping places, we still got packed in our suitcases a lot of lovely hygge feeling to take home.

The last picture from Denmark. The Pictures Miia Bovellan ja Heli Holopainen.

Although in less than a week we had a superficial look at the city and Danish culture, Copenhagen´s atmosphere and friendly people were amazing. Except our teacher, none of us had visited Denmark before. After this trip we are sure we will travel to the Denmark again and we will look at more methods that promote well-being.

Read more about our visit to Memox:


This blogipost is part of the welfare coordinator students (Master Degree Studies) study module Working and Stydying in International Environment. The focus of this stydy module is that the students can strengthen their communicative skills and professional experience in an international learning environment and learn effectively as a team member in another cultural environment. In August of 2019 part of welfare coordinator students visit in Denmark during this study module. You can read more


Miia Bovellan ja Heli Holopainen, TYKO18SY

Riitta Turjamaa, lehtori Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu

Pirjo Turunen, lehtori, Savonia- ammattikorkeakoulu

Memox visit in mind and hygge memories in suitcases


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