Caregivers’ everyday life is often lonely and hard. Caregiving often causes narrowing of social relatioships and activities done out of home decrease. Digitalization gives opportunities to feel and remember experiences, which for some reason are not so easy to reach any more.

Digitalization offers possibilities to make caregivers’ everyday life easier. According to studies, digitalization is useful for caregivers. That encourages them to use digital services. With digitalization caregiver can participate in various support networks. Caregivers can meet each other, create social relationships and perhaps even make friendships – thanks to digital environments.

Picture1. Digitalization offers various opportunities also for elderly people. Kuva: Pixabay

Digitalization enables communication with loved ones. It also increases the sense of security and quality of life in situations where carers cannot participate in activities outside the home.

Peer groups

Peer groups are essential for caregivers. Peer groups provide support for life management issues, interpersonal relationships and handling of emotions. In peer groups, one’s own experiences can be shared confidentially with others in the same life situation. Inclusion increases when a caregiver is able to participate in peer group activities with other caregivers staying at home.

From the point of view of well-being and health development, digitalization can create different opportunities and individual well-being can evolve. With digitalization, inclusion can also increase and can have a positive impact on an individual’s well-being.

Do we use digitalization enough to support caregivers?

Blog writers: Heli Jussila, Kati Kainulainen, Paula Kivekäs, Hyvinvointikoordinaattori-opiskelijat, Savonia-Ammattikorkeakoulu


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Digitalization supports caregivers’ everyday life


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